5 Best Luxury Apartments in Calgary

Everyone wants a home with all comforts of life, and after a back-breaking day, one could relax and lighten their mode. In the hustle and bustle of urban life, people want ready-made services, and here are the 5 best luxury apartments in Calgary that can fulfill the needs.

  • Park Point Apartments:

Park Point is a high-rise building full of amenities in Calgary’s Beltline community, near Central Memorial park. It has 24hrs room service, lounge, and sunlight sauna. Apartments are available on rents one-bedroom apartment costs Canadian $1850 per month, and a two-bedroom apartment costs $2400 per month. This suite provides fitness facilities too in the rent payment.

  • The Metropolitan:

Metropolitan is located in the 11th Ave SW, offering multiple facilities to its residents. It provides gym services, indoor pickleball and bocce ball courts, playgrounds, lounges, heated rooms, and fiber optic internet. It also has an arrangement of underground parking and bike storage. The fantastic thing is that you can keep pets in the suites and have services for your pets. You can enjoy the breath-taking views of the city and the mountains. Condos are available in a range of prices, and you can own them according to your need.

  • Bedouin Suites:

Bedouin condominium is situated in the 934- 6th Ave SW Calgary. Furnished and unfurnished apartments are available; they are further categorized into three classes (junior, standard, executive).  The Junior one-bedroom has a price of  $1950 per month. The typical one-bedroom is spacious than the junior level and costs $2100. The executive one bedroom is spacious and includes a separate dining area and costs  $2350 per month. Multiple grocery and superstores are walking distance away. Penthouses are designed professionally, well-built kitchens, closets, and everything you desire. It provides all the amenities a person wants.

  • Trompozo Luxury Living:

Trompozo luxury living has elevated the living style of people and furnished apartments with advanced and luxurious accessories. Trompozo has various suites units that everyone can buy according to his/her suitability. Trompozo penthouses are suitable for students, travelers, business owners, and people on vacation. Their suites have a home office and housekeeping infrastructure. And the apartment building has parking facilities for its residents as well. You can conveniently access transit, shopping centers, entertainment places, and salons.

  • Calgary Place Apartments:

Calgary place apartments offer you more than you need. You can live one month free after payment of the security of $389. Calgary place apartments have 1- and 2-bedrooms facilities, each having different areas and accordingly the price. Rooms are heated, and the cost is included in the rent. There is also a gym center, onsite laundry services, parking, wooden floors, and many more.

Apartments in Calgary provide a lavish lifestyle, comfortable homes, a one can dream of, all based on people’s needs and requirements. You can choose a suitable apartment for you. If you have a pet, you can select suites accordingly. All the high-rise buildings have given above replete with life amenities that can ease your daily living.